About Us

Our vision is to WOW kids with the wonder and beauty of the planet, its rich sights, cultures and people; inspiring curiosity, connection and a greater sense of global citizenship.

GlobeO’s mission is to be a place that kids and parents love...an experience that meets kids’ and parents’ needs for quality, active, enriching recreation that nurtures the whole child and deepens kids’ connection to the amazing world we live in. 


WOW Explorations is dedicated to designing and developing innovative recreation experiences for kids and families, inspiring them with the wonder of the world through physical play, hands-on creating and active multi-sensory experiences.

WOWtopia, WOW Explorations’ first attraction, is a hands-on, grab-on global festival for kids and families that will tour from city to city. WOWtopia will combine the physicality of an Adventure Park with the hands-on interactivity of a Maker Experience and the awe of an authentic Cultural Festival, bringing to life the people, places and cultures of our extraordinary world in a festival atmosphere.

WOWtopia solves a common problem for parents—finding recreation options they know their kids will love and they can feel good about—by offering enriching, affordable recreation that’s fun for the whole family.  


Working in kids’ entertainment for many years and having spoken with more than 400 parents, and counting, in my WOW journey (as well as my own experience as a mom), I know how hard it can be to find recreational activities that parents and kids can genuinely enjoy together. Blending adventure, artistry and authenticity, WOWtopia will fill this need, giving parents and kids an inspiring place to play together. And today, more than ever, we need opportunities that help kids, and their parents, understand, respect and celebrate the extraordinary world we live in. WOWtopia will do this…while families have a blast!
— Donna Friedman Meir