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WOW Explorations is a new company dedicated to designing and developing innovative recreation experiences for kids and families. The Company focuses on delighting kids with the wonder of the world through physical play, hands-on creating and active multi-sensory experiences.

WOW Exploration's first attraction will be...

Wowtopia New Logo-3Website.png

a hands-on, grab-on global festival for kids and families


An innovative advance in family entertainment, WOWtopia will combine the physicality of an Adventure Park with the hands-on interactivity of a Maker Experience and the awe of an authentic Cultural Festival, all delivered through a Cirque-like touring model.  

At WOWtopia families can:

  • Explore a Patagonian glacial cave 
  • Fly through the rainforest on a zip line 
  • Brave a precarious Pakistani rope bridge 
  • Scale to the top of a basalt rock wall 
  • Create their own authentic Ghanian mask 
  • Join in on a Bollywood flashmob in the Plaza 
  • Engage with artists, performers and athletes from all over the world and their own community
  • And much more...

An extraordinary adventure awaits!