The vision of GlobeO's is to WOW kids with the wonder and beauty of the planet, its rich sights, cultures and people; inspiring curiosity, connection and a greater sense of global citizenship.

GlobeO’s mission is to be a place that kids and parents love...an experience that meets kids’ and parents’ needs for quality, active, enriching recreation that nurtures the whole child and deepens kids’ connection to the amazing world we live in. 

Donna Friedman Meir, Creator/Founder

“I am extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel the world fairly extensively, both for pleasure and for work, and many times, my kids have joined in on the adventures. Exposing our children to the world, to other cultures, to people who are different from them, to ways of life that are simpler or much more complex, to art and architecture, religion and rituals, music and language, natural landscapes and man-made marvels that they could never find close to home, and much more, is one of the fundamental values my husband and I share. But 99.9% of children in the world, aren’t as lucky as ours. Since most kids can’t go out and see the world, I want to bring the world to them.... in a way that willWOW them,AMAZE them and INSPIRE them to PLAY and EXPLORE and DISCOVER that the world is both big and small, and there’s a place for them in it.

Plus, I want to give PARENTS & KIDS an inspiring place where they can play together.

I’ve always been a PRODUCER, a BUILDER, a MAKER OF THINGS and a GATHERER of people... most of that experience has been in the world of media. This time I want to make something in the REAL WORLD, to leave a MARK, to TOUCH KIDS in a personal and physical way where you can see the joy on their faces...This will be my biggest project yet (and maybe my best, with the exception, of course, of my kids!!)”