WOW Moments

Family Time


I was shocked last week when we picked my daughter up from her first sleep away camp. My strong-willed, spirited 9-year old, was quiet at first. She just gave me a quick hug and then looked away. When we got into the car, she burst out into tears. "I missed you so much!" she cried. She said, "Camp was fun. I liked everything... except the food. It just would have been better if you were there.". 

I both felt crushed that she had been so homesick over the last week and relished in the knowledge that she missed us.  Clearly, kids this age want some independence, but also want to know their parents are close. That is just one of the reasons we want WOWtopia to be a place kids and family play together. We strive to make an attraction that appeals to all ages.

And to relieve me of any guilt, it is good to remember what the latest studies about family time say... it is not the quantity but the quality that matters. Read more here -